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Eastwood Outfitters offers specialty firearms for elite marksmen and a lot more, accommodating buyers who seek advice and information. We’re committed to delivering a personalized experience for everyone, from beginners to experts, with a focus on education and safety.

Our owner, Chuck Davis has found his niche by combining his passion for shooting with an enduring family retail legacy. His grandfather opened a general store in 1890 in Croft, North Carolina, which is still operational. That dedication to service runs in his family. It’s his lifelong enjoyment of shooting that shines through in his interactions with customers. This cross-generational appeal is an important component of our philosophy of service. Sport shooting is a great family activity. There is an atmosphere of camaraderie already built into this community and members love to help each other advance. A unique addition to our exceptional service is the availability of personalized sessions at our private shooting range. Our goal is to make sure that anyone who purchases a firearm with us knows exactly how to use it safely. Safety awareness is an ongoing initiative, and we also offer recommendations for other local ranges such as Coleman’s Creek Training Center, an important part of the area’s long-range sport shooting community.

In addition to our concierge approach to customer service, our evolving inventory is a welcome addition to Moore County, especially to the area’s elite marksmen. While specializing in long-range precision firearms, we also offer custom precision hand loads. We are very proud to offer many items that are otherwise difficult to obtain. We carry high-end Leupold and Vortex scopes, and we are the only dealer in the area that stocks Nightforce scopes. Offering this superior inventory in combination with a personalized, custom retail experience, our goal is to become a destination that attracts loyal customers from Moore County and beyond.

We hope to change how people look at this sport and to start making an impact by offering great service, nurturing a sense of community, and promoting a culture of safety and responsibility.

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